Hello There

Thanks for stopping in and I hope you find enough information and inspiration to satisfy your search for your senior fashion photographer! I adore my seniors and their families. Truly! I am in my fifteenth year of taking senior photographs and opened a studio six years ago.

Why Senior Photography? I have always enjoyed this age. I served as a youth leader for many years, and I worked as a high school counselor until five years ago. When I started shooting, I shot lots of different types but when I shot with my first senior, I knew this is where I would go if I followed my dream.

****True Story: **** A senior girl came to pick up her photographs from me and when she saw them she started crying. What she said changed MY.LIFE.FOREVER. She said, "You made an ugly girl beautiful." Of course she wasn't, but she had never FELT beautiful about herself, until that day.

I was, and still am, truly blessed to shoot with incredibly fantastic young people whose love for life is contagious. My sole goal is that they know their worth and beauty during and after their shoot. That's why. I love them. Really I do.


Favorite color: Purple (even named my daughter with two purple names)

I like thunderstorms.. and OKC Thunder basketball!

I must be creating something. I'll blame it on my left brain. Hince my barn full of "projects" and now my photography love affair.

I love airplanes. My grandfather built bi-planes and showed them in airshows. On my bucket list is to shoot a styled shoot soon with one.

I married my high school sweetheart,Johnny, in 1982. (you figure that one out! :) He is my pastor, my friend, my sole mate.

I love sports of all kinds. I was the shortstop for our State Runner Up team. Go Hornets. Love doing edgy senior athlete shoots. Even better was watching my children compete at state competitions.

I have an amazing "New York, urban-apartment-styled" studio. You gotta come see it! Really.

I love chocolate chip cookies (the dough is even better!). Yum!

I love my family and my granddaughters. Averi, Kaydence, and Zoe Jane are more blessing than I could have ever dreamed of having in this life.

I do not like to wake up early. So, I stay up late to make a good excuse for sleeping in.

I've known joy and I've known pain.. and I know most of you have too.

I am a M.A.D.D. My son, Brent was killed by a drunk driver. Don't drink and drive ever. Period.

I love White Chocolate Mocha Grande's. So. Very. Delicious.

I love to see the look on a families face when they first see their photographs. I usually cry too. :)

I love my Lord. He is the most important part of my life and because of Him I have been blessed beyond measure. Rom 8:28

That's me. Now... it's gonna be ALL ABOUT YOU!


There Could Never Be a More Beautiful You